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BLRBOX is like having an Agent on your phone. We'll connect you with clubs around the world that are looking for players like you.

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About Us

Who are we?

BLRBOX is a football network for players and coaches around the World. Take your next steps and learn how to be a professional football player and get football trials and offers from football clubs around the World in the best football platform. Find your next soccer trial with our football CV, learn how to get scouted in football.

For Players

For Players

For talented football players looking for a new club or football trial. From only €6 per month.

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For Clubs

For Clubs

For clubs, coaches and scouts looking for their next player. FREE for clubs for life.

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BLR Clubs & Trials. Added Weekly.

Some information about the clubs, the clubs are great and they offer the following things


The BLRBOX Experience

Add highlight videos

Message Clubs and access live opportunities

Find and connect with clubs

Apply & track your opportunities

Get a personal consultant

Direct message with clubs

Access exclusive webinars

Add links & media to your profile

Request Players

Filter players by country and position

Monthly Webinars

Post players needed

Advertise trials

Personal BLRBOX consultant

All Completely FREE

FREE For Football Clubs

Search Verified Players

BLRBOX verifies all our players and clubs into 4 tiers, therefore all the players you see will be verfied manually by our experienced team

Videos and Player CV

Our player football CV’s list key player information and a highlight video so that you choose exactly the player you need

Make an Offer

Finding your football player has never been easier. Search, review and message the player directly. Our BLRBOX team will help you all the way.



Don't just take it from us, hear from some of our happy customers.

“Our soccer club had been on the lookout for a talented and dedicated player who would be the perfect fit for our team. We had tried various traditional methods of recruitment, but it was always a time-consuming and challenging process. That was until we discovered the BLRBOX app.

BLRBOX revolutionized our recruitment efforts by providing us with a platform to connect with soccer players who matched our specific criteria. The app's advanced filters allowed us to refine our search based on playing position, skill level, and experience. We were impressed by the extensive profiles of players available on the app, showcasing their stats, achievements, and even videos of their gameplay.

Through BLRBOX's chat feature, we were able to communicate directly with potential players, share our club's philosophy, and discuss the opportunities we could offer them. This streamlined the entire process and allowed us to efficiently assess the suitability of each candidate.

Thanks to the BLRBOX app, we found an exceptional player who not only possessed the necessary skills but also meshed perfectly with our team dynamics. The app's user-friendly interface and extensive player database made the recruitment process a breeze. If you're a soccer club in search of top talent, BLRBOX is a game-changer.“


“I can't emphasize enough how much BLRBOX has transformed my soccer career. Before discovering this app, finding a suitable soccer club was a challenging and time-consuming process. However, BLRBOX simplified the entire experience for me.

With BLRBOX, I could easily browse through a wide variety of soccer clubs, both local and international, based on my preferred playing position, experience level, and age group. The app provided in-depth information about each club, including training methodologies, competition levels, and success stories. This allowed me to make an informed decision when choosing a club that aligned with my goals and ambitions.

It eliminated the hassle of coordinating trial sessions and training schedules by providing a centralized platform for communication. I could effortlessly connect with club managers, coaches, and other players to arrange trials and discuss training sessions.

Thanks to BLRBOX, I discovered a soccer club that not only improved my skills but also provided me with a supportive environment to grow as a player. If you're serious about soccer and want to find the perfect club, BLRBOX is the ultimate game-changer!“


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Trial BLR

Free /mo

Away free. Why not give it a try with out exclusive free trial.


Verified BLR

€6 /mo

Something a little more professional. Our verified membership.

Trial BLR

Free /year

Away free. Why not give it a try with out exclusive free trial.


Verified BLR

€49 /year

Something a little more professional. Our verified membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get started for FREE, with our freemium account you can host a lovely football CV. However, if you want to connect with clubs the cost is only €9 per month.

Yes, give us a try! You can cancel at any time and restart again at anytime int he future. At this moment you have to decide only one thing....Is your career worth €9 per month?

It's simple, you can search clubs around the World using our network. Simply click 'Send Message' and you message will be sent directly to the clubs inbox.

A verified BLR has been approve by a BLR SCOUT and placed into either Tier 1,2,3 or 4. These tiers will match you with the same tier club. For example, if you are a verified tier 1 level players, you can message a verified tier 1 level club. How cool is that?

It depends on your tier, we have professional, semi-professional, amateur and also USA soccer colleges and universities in our network.

If clubs are looking for your position and they like your profile, there is no reason for them not to respond. However, it is at the clubs descretion if they decide to respond or not.


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