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Introduction to Soccer Trials

Having a goal is very important in all the other aspects of our life. So why not have a similar goal for soccer? There are hundreds of opportunities out there for aspiring soccer players but can be confusing at first. The best way to find out more information on all the different football opportunities available is to simply get started here with BLRBOX. You can find hundreds of clubs, tips and recommendations. Who do you need to ask about soccer trials in Europe? BLRBOX has everything that you need.


Why you want to find a soccer trial

It gives you the chance to compare yourself to other people who are competing in the soccer trial. With football academies in Spain, we would recommend a 3-month stay to increase your chances of making it to that next level with your soccer career.

How to find the best soccer clubs or Soccer Academies

BLRBOX can help you, tell us which country you would like to go to and we will advise you on the best options. We are proud sponsors of Alicante City Football Club Academy in Spain, we selected this Alicante football academy because of their success and experience in the industry, they have had over 1000 success stories in 10 years and their ability to find players clubs all over the World is almost unrivaled.

How to find a soccer trial

I am going to tell you my 5-step plan to finding a soccer trial in Spain or a soccer club in Europe. Step 1: To find a soccer trial in Spain or a soccer club in Europe, you must find a team that plays in a soccer system that you like. For example, in the off-season, you may want to join a team that develops players first. When a team is in a season, you want to join a team that is at a highly competitive level and want to compete at a high level with a soccer-style that you like to play. step 2 Find a good soccer coach. Finding a good soccer coach in Spain or a soccer club in Europe is as important as finding a good soccer club to play for. The soccer coach is the most important asset in the soccer club or the soccer trial. To find out more about steps 3,4 and 5 go ahead and create a BLRBOX account.

Soccer Trials
Soccer Players in a Trial

Soccer Trial Conclusion

My main impression is that the coaching education process and club selection process and even many times the player selection process wherein fact more for the coaches than for the players. People from the world of soccer here in Spain sometimes call Spain the “land of the fat coaches” or the “land of the lazy coaches” because of the high percentage of overweight coaches in Spain that’s for sure. The truth is that the best way to find the best soccer club and the best football training program in Spain is to find a good coach and a good trial.

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