Four Steps to Build Players’ Confidence

The Four Steps to Build Soccer Player Confidence

​A key element to a soccer player’s performance is their confidence, building that confidence over time is an important aspect to developing as a player both on and off the pitch.

Step 1: Self Belief

​We all know how critical self-belief is to soccer players. If a player is not confident about the skill they possess and what it is they are capable of achieving they will never be able to achieve their full potential. Poor performance on the pitch is almost always in some way related to a lack of confidence or self-belief. So don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions about your ability and what you are capable of doing. There is no need to be overwhelmed with self-doubt, let your confidence grow over time, then you can start to doubt yourself again!

Step 2: Goal Setting

​Goal setting is the second step to player confidence. Goal setting is to have a goal in mind and to shoot towards that goal with the knowledge that the goal is attainable. The importance of goal setting can not be stressed enough. Goal setting can be done in a number of ways, this article will look at just the most common ones. Goal Setting Strategies – The most common goal-setting strategy is to set SMART Goals. SMART is an effective tool that provides the clarity, focus and motivation you need to achieve your goals. It can also improve your ability to reach them by encouraging you to define your objectives. This is critical due to the fact that once your goal is met and you are able to do what you set up yourself to do, your confidence will only grow more.

Goal Setting
Goal Setting

Step 3: Positive Self-Talk

​Self-talk is critical for confidence, one of the easiest ways to change a negative thought to a positive one is to repeat the positive one. Self-talk can be challenging, players can be nervous or afraid of what they can’t control. Recognizing your insecurities and fighting against them by directing your focus and your thoughts to the things you can control is key to self-confidence. Focus on the final score – be in the moment – say to yourself, “We are in the final minutes of the game with the score 4 – 2” instead of worrying about the fact we might score. Instead of worrying about the other team, be focused on what you can control and what your teammate is doing to help them score. Instead of worrying about the last time you scored, be focused on the goal you are about to score.

Step 4: Support System

People have been working on this problem since they were working on their own goalkeepers in World Cup times and their coaches-to-be. Develop Teamwork Empathy is important as “They found that winning teams were more empathetic than losing teams, and their results showed that.” — C.T. Brawn, Founding Partner of the NeuroLeadership Institute. However, empathy is a broad term, which could include many different activities, which our games offer as a range of options. You can choose from options like Share your Energies We like to connect with each other. Whether it’s through social media or through the opportunity to train together as part of BLRBOX and Alicante City Academy we encourage and seek to connect with players and their support.
Support system
Support System


​Cue the Four Step Formula!! Playing sports requires you to perform in a specific way in, a precise way. Even so, in the moment of truth, you have to trust that your system will work. In this blog, we have taken you through the four key steps we personally use for building confidence, we hope you enjoyed the read, and we look forward to hearing from you on our social media accounts.

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